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If Malcolm X and Dr. King were rappers, who would win in a battle and why?

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    I’d give it to Malcom X, he’d be way more agressive in his rounds…MLK wouldn’t be no slouch though…Kinda like Lux and...
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  4. diiorrebel answered: Malcolm X, because he has that edge.. I could be a little bias because I’m an extreme advocate of his movement and what he stood for though
  5. industrialcracks answered: Malcolm X because well, iono i find his speeches more…Powerful..u know? like even the way he speaks, same with rap i guess?
  6. brettakins answered: Malcolm X - with his by all means necessary approach but King would have not just been blown out he would have dropped knowledge as well
  7. jadoreafrikque answered: Malcolm X would of won b/c many can relate with his struggle & his words would be too powerful for some & majority would want MLK to win…
  8. drayaa answered: Malcolm X would. His life had more pain in it. It’d be like B-Rabbit and Papa Doc on 8-mile lol
  9. abdelrahman-yousry answered: malcolm would win …but dr. king would have sold more records
  10. ronnierocketz answered: X . lol
  11. thehuskybro answered: The KKK because two of our greatest would be on the same level as Drake and Ja Rule. Boo to that shit.
  12. thefreenomad answered: Malcom
  13. simmoneann answered: I think Malcolm X only because he spoke more & studied more & went through alot just to get to where he was. Dr.King did too tho!
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