Dumb things we hear and repeat but should reject. at Brooklyn

In 2009(maybe) while going to see some of my ppls on Lefferts I met Rapp. European cat, prolly French or something. He was sitting on the stoop around a bunch of hood dudes quite comfortably. So when he stepped off I asked my man Jay (Rest Easy) about him and I was told that he was prepping to drive around the world. I thought the homie was exaggerating but the Euro dude went off and did it. He drove from NYC to the southern most point of South America then shipped his jeep to South Africa. He then proceeded to drive thru Africa, the mid East and Asia. It took him a year n a few months. Super Dope. Peep his blog. S/O to Rapp wherever he is. Rest easy to my man Jay. #Globetrotter #GoSeeSomethingNew #ItllChangeUrEyes

#TBT This was on the wall of a burger joint in Dubai’s wholesale district. So many gems.